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  • Cassey Kewen

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    I am very satisfied with the way they rated my gold jewelry. I recommend these gold buyers from NYC if you want to sell some gold coins of jewelry. You probably won't get a better deal elsewhere.

  • Michael J. Ellett

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    Need to sell diamonds in NYC and want a good price? These diamond buyers right here are your best bet, trust me. I've been doing business with Diamond District Buyer for years and am very happy to recommend them.

  • Daniel Hilton

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    What more can you ask for? This company has the best customer service in NYC. If you need reliable jewelry buyers in New York, go directly to this company. You'll thank me later, I assure you.

  • Harry Johnson

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    My dad sold some jewelry and some diamonds to them yesterday. They appraised the items quickly and were very honest. Also, they paid on the spot, which is great. You really can't ask for better service in New York.

  • Adam B. Chapin

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    I definitely recommend this company. I've tried many others, of course. And you know what? None of the other business managed to offer me a better price. So, when you need cash for gold in NYC, pay these gentlemen a visit.

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